November, 2012

  • The Small World of Institutional Investors

    By Dr. Rainer Zitelmann on 2012/11/19
    ccording to a recent survey, Germany's demographic development will cause it to drop back from fifth to tenth place among the industrialised countries in the coming decades. This insight does nothing, however, to keep German insurance companies and other institutional investors from concentrating 60% of their real estate in Germany. What property they own in the United States equals 6% and that in the Asia-Pacific region 0.6% of their total real estate holdings. Investments in Latin America account for less than 3% of the assets held by Germany's institutional players.
  • Don’t Spread Yourself too Thin

    By Dr. Rainer Zitelmann on 2012/11/05
    A recently published poll by Union Investment would be nothing short of sensational if the findings turned out to be representative: Germany's institutional investors supposedly tripled their real estate ratio from 5% to 15%!