Obama is a sore loser:
Bravado and payback from the outgoing president

Published on 2017/01/04

He brags that he would have won the election, smashes foreign-policy porcelain and, above all, demonstrates childish vindictiveness – the departure of the outgoing US president Obama.

After eight years of Obama, Americans were so frustrated that they felt compelled to vote for a notorious liar and egomaniac as their next commander in chief. Someone who, at first glance, embodies exactly the opposite of everything that Obama stands for.

But Obama – to the certain “joy” of his party colleague Hillary Clinton – now wants it known: A majority of Americans support his notion “of a one America that is tolerant and diverse and open and full of energy and dynamism.” Just like him. Had he campaigned for a third term as president, he believes that he would have been able to clearly articulate this vision and, “could’ve mobilized a majority of the American people to rally behind it.”

It’s funny that Obama believes he would have won. After all, he’s just laid the blame for his party’s recent election loss on Russian hackers working for Putin. Wouldn’t they have been able to stop him from winning?

Payback for Putin

During a recent press conference Obama said, “The Russians can’t change us. They are a smaller country. They are a weaker country. Their economy doesn’t produce anything that anybody wants to buy.” He wasn’t completely wrong. He could even have added that Russia hasn’t produced a Microsoft, a Google or an Apple, they are all products of the USA. But what drove Obama to say these things about Russia? Will his words achieve anything constructive or positive in the final weeks of his presidency? Certainly not. His motives were very different – Obama knows that nothing has annoyed Putin more than his mocking description of Russia as a “regional power” in 2014. That really made proud Putin’s blood boil. So Obama clearly thought, “I’ll take another swing at him before I leave the stage.” Obama has also threatened Putin with payback for Russia’s hacking during the US presidential election. Only a sore loser would be so childish.

Payback for Netanyahu

Before he leaves office, Obama has decided to “hit” anyone he has never liked, those who have never liked him either. In addition to Putin, Obama’s major targets have been Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and, of course, Donald Trump. It is common knowledge that Netanyahu and Obama can’t stand one another. Obama’s payback: Under his direct instructions, the USA abandoned its policy of using its UN security council veto against a resolution on the construction of settlements in Palestinian West Jordan. Germany’s STERN news magazine wrote: “At the eleventh hour, Obama is pre-empting matters and creating new obstacles for his successor, Donald Trump. Who says he’s a ‘lame duck’ entering the last few yards? By not exercising his veto, Obama has drawn an emphatic line under eight tense years.” In reality, Obama achieved nothing by not using his veto, as Trump has already signaled that his foreign policy will stand diametrically opposed to Obama’s, making this clear with his nomination of David Friedman as US ambassador to Israel, an advocate of Israel’s right to build settlements. Still, Obama did manage to really annoy Netanyahu one last time.

Now I’m really going to show Trump and his new Secretary of State

With one of his final official acts, Obama has permanently banned new oil and gas drilling in most US coastal waters. This announcement was naturally greeted by environmental campaigners and left-wingers around the globe as a major heroic achievement in the fight against climate change and the battle to save the polar bears. But Obama could have done this years ago. The fact that he is only doing it now is due to Trump’s campaign promises to exploit the country’s untapped fossil fuel reserves. Following Trump’s nomination of the former ExxonMobil CEO, the oilman Rex Tillerson, as his future Secretary of State, Obama has visibly enjoyed raining on their parade, especially as the ban is indefinite and covers an area one and a half times as big as Germany. The ban is sure to keep the Supreme Court busy for some time.

And an egomaniac too

Once they know they are heading for the exit, American presidents are usually courteous enough to stop making unilateral decisions that might infringe on the stated policies of their successors. But Obama is a sore loser. He was hailed by many as the new messiah when he took up office, but has become a massive disappointment. Obama’s ego simply cannot get to grips with this reality. His ego is certainly no smaller than Donald Trump’s – and that’s saying something. But Obama has always been the same. He had started working on an autobiography before he had even turned 30, and long before he had actually achieved anything that could possibly justify such a work.

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